The Team

Team Leader: Tracy Oost

David Allison

Dave is the grandson of Percy Allison, Hudson Allison’s younger brother.  Dave has become the spokes-person for the 15 direct descendants of Jesse and Phoebe Allison. He has worked tirelessly to make sure everyone is kept in the loop with updates on the project.  He has researched the genealogies involved, and acquired numerous documents in the search for the correct maternal descendants for the mtDNA testing.

Deanne Jennings

Deanne is a granddaughter of Mrs. Kramer.  Her mother is Adele Ferguson, and her half sister (through Adele) is Debrina Woods.  Deanne grew up hearing the same stories that the other Kramer children and grandchildren were exposed to about Mrs. Kramer really being Loraine Allison, and a survivor of the Titanic disaster.  Despite this, Deanne always had her doubts, and was more than willing to assist in this endeavour, with her DNA, and her family memories.

Sally Kirkelie

Sally is the granddaughter of Maybelle Nieman (née Daniels), Bess Allison’s sister. Maybelle and Bess shared the same mtDNA, and Sally inherited it through Maybelle’s daughter/Sally’s mother, Bess Nieman.  Loraine Allison also inherited the same mtDNA from her mother, Bess Allison.  Consequently, Sally and Loraine Allison, had the same mtDNA.  If Loraine Allison survived the Titanic, and had children, any descendants following a maternal line would also have the same mtDNA.  If Mrs. Kramer’s assertions that she was really Loraine Allison were true, this would result in Sally and Deanne Jennings both having the same mtDNA.

Gayle Gurney

Gayle is genealogist that has been instrumental in tracking down various family lines, and individual people, making contact with them, and introducing them to the project, and then to the principal people involved in the project.  She’s committed countless hours to the genealogical work, but also in being a great sounding board for thoughts and ideas that have sprung from the information we’ve unearthed, as well as the frustrations we have faced.

Betty Vanden Bosch

Betty and her husband Stan acquired Hudson and Bess Allison’s stock farm in Chesterville in 1965. Since then they have not only been busy running the farm, but Betty has devoted countless hours to researching the Allisons, and in particular the business history of the stock farm, including cattle bought and sold, and those that won ribbons.  Betty was actually my first point of contact for this project, and we still get a laugh out of the fact that she actually thought I was Debrina Woods on her doorstep!

Margaret Odishaw

Margaret is an attorney in Victoria, B.C., who has provided much needed legal advice on matters regarding this project, Debrina Woods, and the claims that both Debrina and Mrs. Kramer made.

Jeff Pohl

Jeff is the great grandson of Mrs. Kramer and Lester J. Walsh.  Mrs. Kramer went by the name of Evangeline at that time, and she and Lester had a son, Lester John Walsh, who had a daughter, Kathleen Lynn Walsh.  Kathleen is Jeff’s mother.  Unfortunately, Jeff is not a descendant from Mrs. Kramer through a direct female lineage, therefore, despite his willingness, he was not an appropriate candidate in the first phase of mtDNA testing.  Jeff, and his wife, Deanna, however, have provided the project with some great leads regarding family history and genealogy.

Tommy Allison and Jamie Shadbolt

Tommy and Jamie are the managers of the Maple Ridge Cemetery, just outside of Chesterville, where Hudson and his son Hudson Trevor are buried in the family plot. Tommy and Jamie provided invaluable assistance protecting the plot from potential trespass and tampering during Debrina Woods trip to the area.  She had planned to have herself filmed scattering her grandmother’s ashes over the graves, despite having no proof of relationship.  Thanks go to these men for guarding the site, and making sure that the restraining order against Ms. Woods’ was upheld.

There are many other people to thank for their assistance with this project.  Allison family members, spouses, good friends, and colleagues:

Ann Allison, Brian Jennings, Karen and Charles Graham, Mary Apps (nee Graham), Nancy and Bart Bergman, Mary Cope, John Allison (no relation), Doug Grenkie, Dave Hill, Stan Vanden Bosch, Deanna Pohl, the Chesterville and District Historical Society, Hazel McCully, John Knight, Madeleine Dove. A big thank you to Sarah Allison, graphic designer for the header.

There are many others who do not wish to be acknowledged publicly, but you know who you are, and we are sincerely grateful for your assistance.