DNA Report

I have posted the actual DNA report from DNA Diagnostics Center on the mtDNA page.  In this report you can see the comparison of nucleotide sequences from Deanne Jennings, and Sally Kirkelie.  It is very easy to see that they do not match in any way.  Remember that Deanne is granddaughter of Mrs. Kramer, and Sally is the great-niece of Bess (Daniels) Allison.  If Mrs. Kramer really was Loraine Allison, then Deanne and Sally should have had the same mtDNA, which could be traced back to their most recent common maternal ancestor, Sarah (McCully) Daniels.

Audio – Tracy Oost CFRA Ottawa Radio January 23, 2014 – (17 minutes)


DNA Testing Complete!

We have received the results of the mtDNA testing.  Testing was completed by DNA Diagnostics Center.  The results confirm that Mrs. Kramer was NOT Loraine Allison.

For a detailed explanation of the female lineage involved and the subjects tested, please take a look at the mtDNA page on this blog.

Further updates with comments from the Allison and Kramer descendants will follow later this week, as well as an official press release, and where we go from here.

UPDATE: Fall 2013

It has been a very busy three months since the start of this project.  I no sooner got this blog site up and running and then spent more than a month with pneumonia!  So, forgive the lack of updates until now.

Despite my illness, a great team of people very quickly came together, and we have made much progress.  I will be posting the results of DNA testing very soon!

In the meantime, I want to start by saying thank you to everyone involved so far.  An amazing amount of work has gotten done very quickly, by people scattered far and wide, all of us working together through the internet.

The best thing that has happened is that the principal Allison descendants have made contact with principal Kramer descendants, and some great bonds have been made, whether they share DNA or not!

As it turns out, some of Mrs. Kramer’s descendants have doubted her professed identity all along, and were very willing to participate in DNA testing.  Their participation has opened up whole new sources of information to the team, and descendants from both families are now working together to solve this mystery.

Please take a look at “The Team” page to read about all of us, and the work we have been doing.


Greetings everyone,

Welcome to the blog site for the Loraine Allison Identification Project.  The project will be using this site to disseminate information relevant to the quest to determine if Helen Loraine Allison actually did survive the Titanic disaster.

Please click on the headings above to explore the site.

If you believe that you have information that may be helpful to the project, please get in touch with us privately.

Likewise, if you believe that your DNA may be of assistance to this project, and would like to volunteer a sample, please contact us privately, using the Contact Us page, above.

We look forward to posting on this project as we progress, and welcome your support.